How to Say You’re Welcome?

In the process of learning any language, it’s always important to focus on the common ways of having polite conversations with other people, whether it’s verbal or non-verbal. In Japan, it is polite to bow to your guests, while in the United States people often shake hands when greeting and saying goodbye to each other.

But no matter where you are, the universally accepted way of being polite is to give thanks when someone has done something nice for you. It could be a stranger giving you directions when you’re lost, or a friend complimenting you on the clothes you are wearing when going out to the club. Whatever the situation, you should always respond with a “thank you,” which you have probably learned already. Do you know how to respond to someone in English who has just thanked you? You say, “you’re welcome.”

Check out the video below as Rachel’s English shows you how to say “you’re welcome” in American English.

Video Credit: Rachel’s English

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