Video – The Best American Accents

Here at Learn American English, we receive many questions about which types of American accents are best for international students to learn. This is an important question and we wanted to pass along some important accent information along to you and all our readers. There are so many different Americanaccents in the US, it can be tough to pick one and practice that. Is it a Boston accent? Not a chance!

We reached out to American English University to see what types of information they have found regarding American accents, and which one(s) are ideal for learning.

“At American English University our research has shown that the best American accents are believed to be from Iowa and Ohio – right in the heart of the United States. The Ohio and Iowa accents in fact are taught to call center employees in the Philippines who often manage customer service calls for United States companies. Call center workers all over the world who work with US companies are taught the Ohio accent because it is believed to be the easiest to understand and the most “pure” or “genuine”.”

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